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My Erogenous Zone Sweatshirt

My Erogenous Zone Sweatshirt

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I've been wanting to do a "sapiosexual" themed t-shirt since I first learned what the word meant: 

SAPIOSEXUAL (adjective) : of, relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction to highly intelligent people. 
For years I've been thinking about the best way to capture the sentiment without just putting the Webster's definition on a shirt. (Boooring). Well in comes my brilliant homie Tamika (Lamison) to the rescue with the coolest idea for a sapiosexual shirt that she'd just been sitting on.  And Voila!  The "My Erogenous Zone" sweatshirt was born.  :). Sapiosexual brains for the win.  Thanks, girl!
50/50 Cotton and Polyester blend.  Gildan uses 100% ethically sourced cotton
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