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BOX OF POSSIBILITIES (Custom & Personalized)

BOX OF POSSIBILITIES (Custom & Personalized)

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Years ago I was a single mom looking for ways to connect with my daughter as I juggled several jobs and her extra-curricular activities.  Our mornings were especially hectic, and so I created a few “rituals” to help us connect before leaving home. One of them was a POSSIBILITY BOX.  I put (laminated) aspirational words into a box, and each morning we would proclaim our intent to embody a possibility for the day, choose a word, and then look for the magical, interesting, and synchronistic ways that "our" word would show up!  Rinse, repeat!


As years went by, our friends and family would want to choose a word too; and eventually they wanted their own boxes.  So here we are, many years and many variations later of the box, to YOURS!  Here are a few things to note:


  •  Your box has your name in it as one of the words.  Ex. JOHN would have the word “John-ish” in his box.  When he picks that word, it just means to be himself.  😊


  • Some folks like to choose more than one word at a time or choose their word the night before.  It’s fun to make it your own.


  • Look in IMAGES for the list of “possibilities” in your box.  Enjoy!
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